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Commercial Lending and Borrowing

The lawyers at Pearce, Dow & Burns have represented lenders and borrowers in all types of lending transactions for a total of more than 50 years.  We represent banks of all sizes, from international and national banks to regional banks to local community banks and credit unions. We also represent business men and women seeking secured or unsecured financing, as well as specialty financing parties. We can guide you through all types of transactions and help you with the most complex collateral structures efficiently and cost effectively. Our broad bankruptcy experience enables us to spot problematic loan structures and collateral problems which could mean the difference between being paid in full and not being paid at all.

We have represented untold numbers of lenders, factors and borrowers in innumerable loan transactions. We have represented banks and financing entities that have made loans to:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing home facilities
  • Manufacturers
  • Professional firms
  • Golf course owners
  • Contractors
  • Construction companies
  • Condominium projects
  • Warehouse lenders
  • Owners of apartment houses
  • Purchasers of real estate
  • Colleges and private secondary schools
  • Borrowers engaged in mergers and acquisitions
  • Borrowers seeking revenue bonds or government guaranteed loans (SBA/FAME)
  • Charitable organizations

We would be pleased to provide the lending staff of your bank or credit union with a one to two hour seminar or “lunch and learn” at no charge.

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    Phone: 207-822-9900
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Recent Representation
  • "Representation of secured lender in Chapter 11 case involving corporate debtor that owned home heating oil business and gas stations/convenience stores. Client was paid all principal, interest and attorneys fees."

  • "Representation of developer that purchased large distressed condominium project from Federal Court receiver. Resolved numerous environmental, title, zoning, construction, permitting and other operational matters. The project is now doing well in a bad economy."

Client Testimonials
  • "My relationship, and the Bank's relationship with Mike Pearce and the firm of Pearce & Dow spans over 20 years. Mike is a tireless advocate, a teacher, an informal counselor to our employees and an outstanding attorney. Pearce & Dow has ably represented TD Bank and its predecessors in loan originations of every kind for many years. The firm is also a highly regarded workout and Chapter 11 firm that continues to generate results for TD Bank. The lawyers at Pearce & Dow are always professional, honorable, knowledgeable and thorough in dealings both with us and our customers and clients. I recommend Pearce & Dow to any lender or other client without reservation."  --Lawrence A. Wold, President, Maine, TD Bank, N.A.

  • "Mike Pearce has been our attorney since 1981. He guided us through several incorporations, golf course real estate developments, financing, debtor/creditor issues, course construction contracts and permitting. Mike worked with our engineers on course construction permits which required review by nineteen boards and agencies. He is familiar with all things golf. From the height of cut of greens to food and beverage including fine dining. He is a consummate professional exhibiting a depth of knowledge and most importantly honor (integrity). "  -Sincerely, Mike Farina